30 Unusual Golden Retriever Dog Names That Mean Light

Golden Retrievers are beautiful, they have blonde, yellow, or gold coat color. When coming up to Golden Retriever dog names, nothing is better than those shining names indicate their brilliant coat colors. Here comes our selection of 30 unusual Golden Retriever dog names that mean light, shining, bright, golden, and yellow in various origins and languages. Feel free to choose your favorite names for your boy or girl Golden Retrievers.

Goldie – Soft and malleable metal with a bright yellow color and luster.

Luca – Russian for Luke, which means “bringer of light.”

Lucy – Variant form of Lucia, means “light.”

Blondie – Brownie made without chocolate. Also an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein.

Nelly – Greek name means “shining light; the bright one.”

Amber – A jewel-quality fossilized resin; as a color the name refers to a warm honey shade.

Cindy – Latin name means “light.”

Apollo – Greek God of light.

Sol – Spanish name that means “sun.”

Butter – Butter generally has a pale yellow color, but varies from deep yellow to nearly white.

Christa – Greek word for “gold.”

Dior – French name that means “golden.”

Sandy – Greek for Defending Men. Also a shade of brown.

Copper – Red-orange metal used as an electrical conductor and crafting material.

Dawn – Aurora, the first appearance of daylight.

Ellie – Short for Eleanor or Ellen, means “shining light.”

Sunny – Sunny express a happy and cheerful temperament, and it will remind you of the bright and happy Sun in the sky.

Gilda – English name that means “covered with gold” or “golden.”

Ginger – The color of ginger is more of a yellow-brown-red mix of varying proportions.

Honey – Sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers, and of course it is sweet. Honey may vary in color between pale yellow and dark brown, and nothing is sweeter than Honey.

Lainey – Greek name means “torch; bright light.”

Sahara – One of the world’s large deserts, located in Northern Africa.

Orla – Irish name that means “golden princess.”

Pumpkin – A pumpkin is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin and deep yellow to orange coloration.

Sherlock – Bright hair.

Uma – Indian Goddess of light.

Zane – Hindu God of light.

Toffee – A hard brown, chewy candy.

Ra – The ancient Egyptian sun god.

Ravi – Hindu sun god.

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