10 Unique Russian Dog Names for Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky has been one of the most popular dog breeds of the world, and they could be seen anywhere in the dog parks or the streets. If you are bored of those common husky names such as Balto or Aurora, you could get some ideas from the cold Siberia, where Siberian Huskies were bred. Here comes our pick of 10 unique Siberian Husky dog names of Russian origin, and they are short and easy to pronounce, we believe your huskies will love these names.

Kami – The word for shaman in a Turkic language of Siberia.

Kara – famous shaman who could bring the dead back to life.

Kasha – The Russian word for porridge, a common food in Siberia.

Malchik – The Russian word for Boy.

Morgon – Famous shaman, another name for Kara.

Nama – The man who saved his wife, children, and the animals in a boat during the great flood.

Ugra – The native word for all of Siberia from the northern Ural mountains to the Arctic Sea.

Yasak – The tribute that the Siberians had to pay to the Russians.

Yermak – A Cossack leader that conquered most of Siberia for the Russians.

Yupik – One of the indigenous Siberians that still keep Eskimo type dogs.

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