How To Teach Your Puppy Its Name

Teaching your puppy his name is an essential process. If your puppy responds to his name, you can gain his attention for future training. It’s not hard to teach a puppy his name, and it may take a handful of tasty treats and a few minutes of your time. Be consistent and patient, your dog should learn his name quickly.

1. Choose a name for your puppy.
Choose a not too long name with one or two syllables, because dogs respond better to short sounds. Avoid choosing a dog name that sounds similar to a command, for example Stay, Come, Sit, Stay, Stand, and Go. If you have small children, a shorter name will be easier for them. If you do not know what to name your boy or girl puppy, you could get some dog names ideas at, it’s a professional dog naming website.

2. Find a place to begin training.
You can train in your home in the kitchen or living room. A backyard or a quiet outdoor space where there are no distractions also works.

3. Call your puppy’s name in a happy, clear voice.
Call your puppy’s name in a happy, clear voice. When he gets to you, praise him and give him a treat. Then send him off to investigate again. If your puppy doesn’t listen to you, be patient and stand quietly, waiting for your puppy to look at you. As soon as he does, give him the “Yes!” and a treat. Consider running away from your puppy while you call his name. Dogs love to chase things and might be more likely to follow you.

4. Repeat several times.
Repeat the exercise until your puppy consistently returns to you when you call his name. Remember that no dog will respond to his name 100% of the time. Dogs are not machines and thus make errors. They might not hear you or they might have a bad day and not want to listen. Some dog breeds like hounds are more difficult to train than other breeds. Be extra patient, we believe all the dogs will recognize their names.

5. Reinforcing name recognition.
After your puppy has mastered initial training, train in different locations. Throw in a distraction like a bouncing ball, then call its name. Practice while your puppy is playing, chewing, grooming, sleeping, etc. Aim to have your puppy respond to you no matter where you are.

Once you are done training, continue using the puppy’s name frequently. Say it when you walk, feed, bathe, or groom him.

Black Dog Names – 60 Unusual Names For Male Or Female Black Puppies

Black dogs are beautiful, and the best black dog names are those names have the meaning or annotations of black color. Black is the darkest color, the result of the absence of or complete absorption of light. When coming up to black dog names, you could get inspirations by natural things with black color, fictional characters in black from movies and TV series, and names that mean black in various origins and languages. Check out our selection of 60 unusual black dog names for boy or girl puppies, most of these names work for both genders, we believe you will get your favorite names here at

Inky – Black as ink. The name Inky is perfect for a cute full-black puppy.

Jet – Jet is a shiny black substance which is considered to be a minor gemstone. It is not a true mineral, but rather a mineraloid as it is derived from decaying wood under extreme pressure.

Laila – Arabic for Night Beauty.

Blackie – Perfect for cute and lovely black puppies.

Nero – Italian name means “black.”

Aurora – Aurora is a girl’s name of Latin origin, and the meaning of Aurora is “dawn”. Aurora was the Roman goddess of sunrise. In some versions of the fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty”, the princess’s name is Aurora.

Batman – A fictional superhero who is sometimes depicted in black and grey.

Ebony – Black wood dense enough to sink in water.

Noir – French name means “black.”

Onyx – Onyx is a precious stone with bands of colors, the colors range from white to almost every color. The meaning of the name Onyx is “Black Gemstone”, and it is derived from the Greek onyx, which originally meant “claw, fingernail”.

Shadow – The area where light from a light source is obstructed by an object.

Smokey – A variant of Smoky.

Ace – For the ace of spades.

Adrian – Latin name means “black.”

Alva – Spanish name means “black.”

Asita – Indian name means “black.”

Blackberry – A well known shrub of the Rubus genus, and its fruit. Also a brand of smartphones.

Blackjack – Leather covered hand weapon.

Carbon – One of the few elements known since antiquity.

Cerny – Czech name means “black.”

Ciara – Irish for Black.

Coal – Combustible black sedimentary rock from rock strata.

Cosmos – The world or universe regarded as an orderly, harmonious system.

Davin – Scottish name means “black.”

Devaki – Indian name means “black.”

Dowan – Irish name means “Black.”

Dubh – Scottish name means “black.”

Dusky – Somewhat dark.

Eightball – The black ball in pool, numbered “8”

Flint – Flint is a type of hard rock, often dark grey or black in color. It usually has a glassy or waxy appearance. It is incredibly useful to produce a spark of fire when struck by steel.

Galaxy – A large system of stars held together by mutual gravitation and isolated from similar systems by vast regions of space.

Kala – Hindi name means “black.”

Kanika – Egyptian name means “black.”

Keir – Irish name means “black.”

Lela – Kiswahili name means “black.”

Merlin – Merlin was the famous sorcerer from the Camelot myths. The name is French meaning “falcon”.

Midnight – The transition time period from one day to the next, the moment when the date changes.

Moonbeam – A ray of moonlight.

Niger – Hebrew name means “black.”

Nighthawk – Night owl.

Nightingale – A small passerine bird best known for its powerful and beautiful song.

Ninja – A ninja is usually dressed in total black, the name Ninja can be used for a flexible black puppy.

Panther – Usually a black variant of leopard or jaguar. The name Panther is wonderful for a black and fast dog.

Spade – Black Spade is one of the four French suits commonly used in playing cards.

Storm – Storm brings to mind the thunderstorms of summer. It is a pleasant sounding word and your lady will love it.

Zorro – A fictional character whose visual motif is typically a black costume with a flowing Spanish cape.

Phantom – A distortion of the senses, a dog name for those puppies you don’t know where he or she is the whole day.

Preto – Portuguese name means “black.”

Puma – The genus containing the cougar and the jaguarundi.

Quiran – Irish name means “black.”

Raven – The large black bird related to the crow.

Sable – English name means “black.”

Sawda – African name means “black.”

Schwarz – German name means “black.”

Smoky – Darkened or begrimed with smoke.

Swarz – German name means “black.”

Tar – A viscous organic black liquid. The name Tar is perfect for a black shinning dog.

Vader – Darth Vader is a fictional character in the Star Wars series who was wearing traditional Ukrainian clothes.

Witch – A practitioner of witchcraft, which means the practice of magical skills and abilities.

Wizard – A person who practices magic.

30 Unusual Golden Retriever Dog Names That Mean Light

Golden Retrievers are beautiful, they have blonde, yellow, or gold coat color. When coming up to Golden Retriever dog names, nothing is better than those shining names indicate their brilliant coat colors. Here comes our selection of 30 unusual Golden Retriever dog names that mean light, shining, bright, golden, and yellow in various origins and languages. Feel free to choose your favorite names for your boy or girl Golden Retrievers.

Goldie – Soft and malleable metal with a bright yellow color and luster.

Luca – Russian for Luke, which means “bringer of light.”

Lucy – Variant form of Lucia, means “light.”

Blondie – Brownie made without chocolate. Also an American rock band founded by singer Debbie Harry and guitarist Chris Stein.

Nelly – Greek name means “shining light; the bright one.”

Amber – A jewel-quality fossilized resin; as a color the name refers to a warm honey shade.

Cindy – Latin name means “light.”

Apollo – Greek God of light.

Sol – Spanish name that means “sun.”

Butter – Butter generally has a pale yellow color, but varies from deep yellow to nearly white.

Christa – Greek word for “gold.”

Dior – French name that means “golden.”

Sandy – Greek for Defending Men. Also a shade of brown.

Copper – Red-orange metal used as an electrical conductor and crafting material.

Dawn – Aurora, the first appearance of daylight.

Ellie – Short for Eleanor or Ellen, means “shining light.”

Sunny – Sunny express a happy and cheerful temperament, and it will remind you of the bright and happy Sun in the sky.

Gilda – English name that means “covered with gold” or “golden.”

Ginger – The color of ginger is more of a yellow-brown-red mix of varying proportions.

Honey – Sweet food made by bees using nectar from flowers, and of course it is sweet. Honey may vary in color between pale yellow and dark brown, and nothing is sweeter than Honey.

Lainey – Greek name means “torch; bright light.”

Sahara – One of the world’s large deserts, located in Northern Africa.

Orla – Irish name that means “golden princess.”

Pumpkin – A pumpkin is round, with smooth, slightly ribbed skin and deep yellow to orange coloration.

Sherlock – Bright hair.

Uma – Indian Goddess of light.

Zane – Hindu God of light.

Toffee – A hard brown, chewy candy.

Ra – The ancient Egyptian sun god.

Ravi – Hindu sun god.