Duncan May Be The Most Inspirational Dog Of The World

Duncan Lou may be the most inspirational dog of the world, and he is a two legged boxer.  Duncan was born with deformed hind legs and they had to be removed. Then he has to move with only two legs, it is very difficult to keep even balance with two legs, but this indomitable spirit make it and he runs very fast. Duncan shows us the magnificence of dogs, although he runs like a dinosaur.

It’s the first time Duncan went to the beach, he’s so exciting and happy!

Keeping the body balance is not a problem for Duncan.

The strong Boxer dog has a big heart, and he runs so fast.


Watch the video and see how Duncan did it.

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10 Interesting and Funny Things About Dog Ears

Puppies are born deaf, their ear canals are closed for the first couple weeks. But dogs have sensitive ears, they can hear about 4 times better than humans. Dogs have around 18 muscles in each ear, that’s why they’re able to rotate, tilt, raise or lower their ears. Dogs have ears that are quite different from our own, and there are more interesting facts with the ears of our fluffy friends.

Some dogs have pendant ears, for instance Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, and Beagles. Bloodhounds have the world’s longest ears.

Some dogs have pricked ears, such as Malamutes or German Shepherds.

Some dogs have floppy ears, taping their ears make them stand up so that they couldn’t be injured when they are hunting wild boars and the pigs, for example Doberman Pinschers or Rottweilers.

French Bulldogs have round ears.

When a dog tilts their head, it may have to do with their hearing.

Naturally held ears indicates being relaxed and comfortable.

Raising ears shows alertness.

Up and forward ears can indicate aggression.

Pulled back ears are a sign of friendliness.

Ears flattened to head show submission or fear.

7 Tips Help You To Train Your Siberian Huskies

Siberian Huskies are not easy to train. For example, potty training is tough and it will take much time to have your husky to be trained to do his little business outside and not inside their home, and it’s hard to take your husky back if you go outdoor together. If you adopt a Siberian Husky puppy, it is very important to understand their temperament in order to properly train them for all experiences and situations. Here we pulled together a list of 7 tips to help you to train your huskies easier.

1. Build a useful vocabulary with your husky
Huskies are sensitive, so useful vocabulary is the basis for comprehension and a good relationship with your huskies. Try to use those simple words like yes, no, sit, stay, come, or other short phrases to communicate with your huskies. Do not speak to your huskies too loudly or angrily, because your huskies will be revoltive with that.

2. Do not treat your huskies truculently
Just like any other animals, huskies are very cautious to human beings. Forcing or tricking your huskies with punishment is a bad idea.

3. Training your huskies anytime, and anywhere
There’s no time or place limit when training your huskies. When we are walking on the road, eating food, or talking with visitors, we should teach huskies what is correct and what should not do.

4. Do not praise your huskies too much
Along with praise and rewards, huskies must also receive discipline for bad behavior. As with praise, corrective measures must be taken immediately, be consistent, and redirected towards performing good behavior.

5. Be Patient with your huskies
Although huskies are known to be intelligent, they can’t remember and act what you taught for only one or two times, and they needed repeated conditioning in a consistent environment. If huskies do not like something, they may be barking at it or simply destroy it, this may take you some trouble, so you must be patient enough.

6. Do not compete with other huskies
Each dog is different, and you should be confidence with your huskies. Train your dogs comfortably, do not compete with other huskies. Your husky will become a well-behaved dog at his own rhythm.

7. The most important thing: love your huskies
Siberian huskies training is a hard and complicated process, the best method is to communicate with your huskies. Praise them if necessary, touch them gently, and share your happiness with your huskies. Your husky will understand you and love you too, the dog training will become easier.

If you adopt a new Siberian Husky, the first thing is to choose a name for him or her. Here comes a list of Siberian Husky dog names for your boy or girl huskies.